Alight Exhibition

Thrilled to be part of this amazing group exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy this month. Three small paintings from the Disappearing Environment series. Cool Coral, Fading Flowers & Fabulous Fish – endangered species.  I have used golds in place of  what is disappearing from the planet, gold being  representative of money i.e.what we have […]

Reversible Berets

                                  Lots of fun and new arm muscles developed making these reversible berets……more photos to come……26 days until Christmas apparently.

Airwave hat

This new Airwave hat is made from the local ‘Blackie’ sheep found wandering the fields and hills just up the road from me.  The shearing of these sheep can be seen in an earlier blog from those blistering hot days we had this year that scorched the vivid grass to beige…..however the November rain has […]

Disappearing Environment continued

‘They Paved Paradise’……This painting represents all the beautiful island coastlines that are disappearing due to the excessive building of some really ugly hotels. The gold has been used once again to represent what we have been taught to value above nature.  

Forth Rail Bridge abstracted

I took lots of research photographs for my ‘Connectedness’ exhibition but walking under the bridge at North Queensferry I was particularly taken by the ever changing shapes and lines I found by looking up through the dark red framework. My new painting is an abstraction of this iconic construction.  Look up through the middle at […]

V & A Dundee

Lovely sunny September day out……spent at the new V&A Dundee. Admiring the ‘ship-like”architecture representing the glory days of Dundee’s trade with the world…..sitting alongside ‘The Discovery’ sailing ship. Wonderful exhibition of ‘Ocean Liners’ in days gone by.  Extraordinary art and design of every description produced for these vessels……’First Class’ in particular…..obviously. Love the lines  and […]